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How to make compost – nice and easy!

Its really easy to put your organic waste to good use. My girlfriend and her sister spend a little bit of time on the weekend cultivating a lovely veggie patch, which is all organic, and grown in nutrient rich soil made from worm castings. I am so very impressed with the disposal of their waste, […]

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The speed of development

I am currently finishing up my Masters in Engineering, which deals with the design and development of a heart valve.  My objective of the study is to make a cost-conscious solution for the developing parts of the world, namely China, India, and Africa.  Currently, those available on the market are made by big American corporates, […]

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My thoughts on appreciation

So I spent a great time away fishing on the farm in Dullstroom last weekend.  As you do, when you not landing any fish, you get to let your mind wander about the happenings in your life, and with a good dose of fresh mountain air, start to let things fall back into perspective.  This […]

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