How to password protect your entire WordPress Blog

By admin
July 13, 2009
1 min read

I have installed a WordPress blog to use as an administrator support system Рbeing such a fan of the platform, and being able to serve multiple users different information about their problems.  However, it was a big challenge trying to find out how to go about password protecting your entire blog, so that only registered users can access its content.

I spent some time writing code within the functions.php file, fiddling with .htaccess and installing a few plugins, but there is only one real way of doing this – and hence my post to save you all time in the future.

Use the “Private Only” plugin, which you can download here.

It might also be worth considering having an index page in the root to tell people who arent already registered how to go about getting in touch to access your content.

Happy blogging!



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