Why it’s sad that people think Avatar is such a great film

January 14, 2010
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I went to watch Avatar in 3D last night. It’s a pretty long movie, and the sensory experience is unlike anything I’ve experienced before.  It had my brain working so intensely that I couldn’t fall asleep until 3am this morning.  The 3D affects are brilliant, and I can’t wait for the day ordinary television is transmitted in such a way.  I felt the story line was a bit standard-issue though.  Brash Americans want a commodity – they want to use force – some guy has a track on the inside for the troopers – a love story unfolds – things get nasty. Epic fight – key characters die; happiness returns; the end.

What worries me though, is the underlying story of escapism that our youth are subjected to, and play out in the imaginary world, because they can’t have normal lives – in the real world today. The story takes place on Pandora, an earth like planet with huge forests, floating islands and inhabited by freaky wildlife.  Glow in the dark plants, pet pterdactyls and six legged horses, to name a few.  Its very symbolic of the worlds kids (and adults) immerse themselves in through computer games. They can design how attractive they look, what they wear, what they say, and how they choose to behave.  All in an effort to juxtapose the set backs of the real world.  Either because they cant or wont go outside and ride a bike, or climb a tree or chat up a girl or be brave enough to be who they feel comfortable being.

Consumerism breeds consumer sadness.  No matter how much “stuff” you’ve got – it’s not going to make you happy.  But at the same time, neither is escaping the facts that you’re overweight and unpleasant because you binge eat KFC – by living in a superficial computer-based world.  There are far more good people out there than bad.  Far more friendly and insightful than sinful and useless.  But all these good people have an unwarranted fear of violence, or hate speech, or public humiliation – or something, and then don’t just go be happy.

I recommend you watch Avatar. But then while your mind tries to bend its way around the technological sensory overload you will suffer, think about your real world – the one you wake up to each day. Start putting things from your imaginary world in the real one, and share them with your buddy.



K, I haven’t seen the film, but I’m quite happy for the fat kid to continue having a good ol binge on a combo of rounders and twisters from the Colonel himself.

Escapism is good because it allows us to stimulate our imagination. I’m looking at this, completely from an arty, marketing perspective, but I want more make believe in the next decade. I want kids thinking they can be anything and the online world creates these opportunities.

Everything in moderation is fine! Booze and the World of Warcraft (disclaimer: I hate that shit) included. We live in a time, when people know we look nothing like our profile pics, and if fatty boom boom wants to rock the Brad Pitt avatar, maybe he will pick up some Angelina Jolie delusional freak who in turn will give him some of the best *real* geek head of his life? #justsaying 😉

Brian Barker

I like neither na’vi nor klingon as the future global language. Especially when you have to dress up for it 😀

We also need a future international language. One which is easy to learn, as well !

And that’s not English ! Esperanto ?

Please look at http//www.lernu.net

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