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June 14, 2010
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I’m pretty bad at remembering names. You might introduce yourself to me and I end up calling you “dude”, “guy”, “bru” or “you” for months to come. I’m also ears to the ground listening for mutual friends to mention your name so I can store it again. Year after year my New Year’s resolution is to remember people’s names.

I know where it comes from though. My dad is a ruthless name-switcher. You wont play it down that he cant remember your name. You might introduce yourself as Mike. But through the evening, he’ll say,

“Hey Bill, please pass the salt.”

“John, I’d like you to meet Steve”

Mike says, “Please you meet you. My name is Mike.”
“Hi Mike, the name is Andrew.”

And so it goes.

But today I felt even better. One of my colleagues forgets not just names, but his own name. Not only his own name, but creates new brands, too.

So I call Alan*.

“Hi Alan, Murray here.”
“Howsit Alan!”
“No, you’re Alan, I’m Murray. Anyways, please come past my desk and pick up thee documents I have for you.”
“Sure thing, see you shortly”.

So Alan comes in the door on my floor and I have my eyes on my screen but hear someone in the distance..

“Hey Mark, how are you doing? Did you see how well Germany played last night?”

Oh, Alan is talking to me. I take it in my stride.

Commenting on my jersey, Alan says “You know they make great quality clothes?”
“Who does, Alan?”

Old Kalahari“….

*Names not changed to give anonymity



Hi Murray Schmurray!

This is good, I had a good ol’ laugh! You can quit your day job if you have too….


What’s worse: calling someone by the wrong name or calling someone by something that sounds very similar to their name, but with a completely different meaning?
I was introduced to a guy, I didn’t quite catch his name right. So for months I called him something that sounds VERY similar to his name, in fact I only got the last letter of his name wrong.
I was later informed by a friend that I am calling the guy a cockroach
Go figure!


Good laugh! Must be a Legg thing… I always know when I get the odd blank look that I have introduced myself as Tim.

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