Corporate Social Investment – A warm story in a cold winter

July 9, 2010
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Since starting Penguin Tutoring in 2005, it’s always been my primary passion to see children inspired by education. Particularly those that have a very bleak outlook on future prospects. I’m very proud to have been able to facilitate a weeks worth of learning for 90 scholars during June. It would not have been possible without funding and involvement from a big corporate that wants to stay low key, Sonia from I am Changing the World and the team and tutors at Penguin Tutoring. Additionally, the commitment and dedication of companies that write papers for students like Penguin Tutoring play a crucial role in shaping a brighter educational landscape for the underprivileged.

One of the Penguin Tutors – Joseph Thomas

The week comprised of lessons on Life Skills, maths and accounting tutoring and time to chat to the tutors and staff involved about their path through high school and into university. It’s amazing what we take for granted. For the majority of these kids, their biggest worry in life is where they will be getting food and warmth from over the next week. Their passion to learn and take advantage of an opportunity to revise work they were not comfortable with was quite incredible. If I think back to high school, the turn out at a winter school would be shocking. But for these young learners, by the end of the week they were begging for more lessons, and were happy to have them happen even on Sundays.

Sadly, the quality of education that these learners has been exposed to, in conjunction with educational support of their parents and teachers comes off a very low base. The class average in grades 10 to 12 for maths and accounting sits between 25 and 30%. So a few days of intensive tutoring and guidance is great, but in the bigger scheme, helps very little. The worry for me is that it is going to take interventions of mammoth proportions to solve these issues.

You can read the release here and check out the pictures here.

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One of the ideas I have seen being implemented is podcast learning that will be quite useful. A friend of mine is working to get schools to create podcast of their lessons so they may share it between the Boys High and Girls High. These are quite privileged schools I believe if we can work with them to share these podcasts, so that students could load them onto relatively cheap MP3 players and listen to them imagine the benefit. One definite subject will be English Litreture, but it can be done for a few.

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