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August 16, 2010
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Toro the Tenacious has soccer in his blood. He was born the day of the opening of the Soccer World Cup 2010, and met us on a Friday afternoon 8 weeks subsequent to that. We felt it only fitting that he be named in memory of this great soccer event. Almost settling for “David the Dog Villa”, his bullish behaviour made us favour a fellow Spanish compatriot in the form of Fernando Torres. Toro now had a home. No longer a sad and sleepy lonely pup in the pet store window.

Now, 10 days on, Nicole and I are very short on sleep. But for all the times he wakes us up, he makes up for in killer puppy-dog looks and cuteness. (Cant believe I’ve actually softened this much in a week!)

He’s always exploring new places and putting new tastes in his mouth. What a li’l legend!

He’s big on chewing your shoes, munching on his toys and tearing round the lounge. As with all pugs, ┬áhis nose is always stuffy, so you can always hear him breathing – easy for for he’s playing hide and seek. After a few hours of exertion, he’s got to take a breather in his bed though.

But he’s already “Big in Joziwood.” Toro was the guest of honour at a family lunch at Emmarentia. At only 9 weeks old, he’s already keen on the ladies, and was playing a lead role as Mike’s wingman in the quest for some summer lovin’. He’s also met his cousins at Englewold and Divot Street, attended a live indoor football match and gone to strut his stuff in the park.

I’ll keep you posted on Toro’s adventures. I’ll pass on compliments to him. Please share yours below..

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