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2015 – My stock portfolio view

This time last year, I blogged about my view on the upcoming year in the markets, and which shares I’d be holding to try and keep up with the Jones’. My sentiment at the time was that the US would return to growth and that the South African economy would come under pressure. Although the […]

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You’re too young to be an entrepreneur

In July, I went to New York with the lads from Webfluential with the aim of talking to PR and content agencies about providing the service in the US, and speaking to entrepreneurs about their experience in getting their small businesses to market there. It was very clear to me that the entrepreneurs, or at […]

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Graduating from white kort-broek to GQ’s best dressed

To disclaim, I have never been a good dresser. I have always appreciated fine fabrics and a bespoke suit, but never really pushed the envelope on dressing in an edgy or trendy way. I enjoy slim fitting European brands like Hugo Boss, Ben Sherman and Diesel. I’m lucky to have been included in the 2014 […]

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Top tips for being a better man this summer

This isn’t a narcissistic article about what’s required to be me, nor suggesting that I’m an ideal man. What it is, though, is a collection of thoughts and observations from men I’ve met in life that inspire me to be more than my current self. Being a man, these days, means different things to different […]

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Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans – 2014

From a PhD in biomedical engineering to investment banker, digital agency boss to partner in the development of an innovative heart valve, Murray Legg would seem to have done it all. And well before his 30th birthday. It is difficult to define or place in a box someone with such diverse interests, who clearly knows […]

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Going viral. From Ebola to content and the secret sauce behind it.

This week saw the worst Ebola outbreak in history. It’s been talked about on the television, radio and social media. Everyone you talk to, knows that it’s happening, and deep down, whether a conscious awareness or not, has a little tinge of fear that they might contract the deadly virus. At the time of writing, […]

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The evolution of the web

Some might look at the World Wide Web as a story of creation over seven significant time periods. Others might see it as a story of evolution through daily, incremental improvements and additional services or experiences. Nonetheless, the history of the web is a short one, with the first piece of HTML code being written […]

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7 insights about running your own small business

At the end of last year, I left the world of investment banking to pursue the running of my own businesses, namely Retroviral together with Mike Sharman, SA Cardiosynthetics and Webfluential. Now, over four months in, I’ve been lucky enough to experience some rather interesting insights and observations. I wanted to share these for those […]

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5 tips to making inroads into investing for your future

“There’s no point in a $50 million funeral or a $25 million divorce.” One of the guidelines in the unofficial Goldman Sachs guide to New Year’s resolutions. Still, keeping a bit of money aside every month, subjecting it to compounding and then using it on a rainy day makes sense. In the same way as January […]

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