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Adrian Gore – The attributes of success

I attended a talk given by Adrian Gore, Discovery Holdings CEO and founder, held at GIBS this last week. His talk focused on the commonalities of the attributes he feels are constituents of success. His measure of “success” doesn’t purely focus on the amassing of wealth for an individual, but can be applied to a […]

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What is your competitive advantage to business

Often heard as a topic of conversation near the¬†water cooler is that of “competitive advantage.” Companies up in lights are lauded for their “differentiated offering” and run of the mill business fade into history for not developing one themselves. My time at a very successful investment bank has underlined the realisation that competitive advantages are […]

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Global Entrepreneurship Week – Getting your business investor ready

It is Global Entrepreneurship Week, and fitting that we celebrate and support entrepreneurs making great progress in our country. I think for so many salaried staff, the world of anxiety, pressure and rich experience of entrepreneurship is such a world away from the comforts of their 9-5. So, a great opportunity to dip the toes […]

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