What is Google Deep Dream?

I didnt know until a few months ago that you could put an image into Google search and it will tell you what’s in the picture and find similar pictures for you. Patson, the man that makes us coffee at the office, told me how he’s found a spider at his house and wanted to…

How to win the game of Rock | Paper | Scissors

For all you competitive types out there, here’s a little treat to keep you winning free beers and free options to first dips on undecided issues that crop up amongst friends. I hear Lulu’s coffee shop gives you discount if you beat the barista too..

The virtue of consistency

“One. Two. Three.” What comes next? “Four,” I hear you say? But what about Three, because the best predictor of tomorrow is today. Or perhaps it is Two, where we average out the past and take the view of the mean? Or is it One? Because as much as things change, they tend to always…

Where do astronauts hang out?

Think he’s running a “tab”? Or when his friends arrive he’ll start “shifting” it?


When I was five years old, dinosaurs were my life. I’d spend every afternoon in the marshy part of our garden playing with the little toy beasties that my mom had so kindly bought for me. It was epic. I got to know them all so well that once a competitive friend of my dad…

South Africa’s biggest asset

What do you think is our nation’s biggest asset? Perhaps it’s South Africa’s gold and precious metals reserves? Perhaps it lies in the range of its beautiful natural biodiversity, from the Cape to the mighty Drakensburg? Or is it its people, and the range of cultures and languages that our population shares? I guess a…

Facebook Fun

Got to say I’m not a fan of Facebook. I’ll admit I havent concreted down the reasons why exactly, but still, it just isnt my cup of tea. But these, I’ll admit, I did enjoy. Hope you enjoy them too!