The delicate dance between Exploit and Explore

In the industrious world of honeybees, there’s a fascinating dynamic at play – a delicate dance between exploiting known sources of nectar and venturing into the great unknown in search of new riches. It’s a dance that businesses must master if they wish to not just survive, but truly thrive in today’s ever-shifting commercial landscape….

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Artificial Intelligence through the eyes of a six-year-old

As I watched my six-year-old daughter scribbling away, effortlessly transitioning from coloring within the lines to sketching her favorite things – her cat, rainbows, and flowers – I got that warm, fuzzy, parent feeling appreciating the potential of her imagination. Her creations, inspired by the whimsical world of flying unicorns, superheroes, and fairy tales, know…

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What is a recommender engine?

Imagine I told you that I could predict with 100% accuracy what one of your next three items you bought on Amazon would be, and the next seven out of 10 series you’d watch on Netflix. You’d get a little concerned, but these are already the base stats that Amazon and Netflix know about you….

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Repetition maketh a man

Replicate your Yesterday and Day-Before-That out over a few hundred days. That’s a year or two. Is what you’re doing today going to get you from Where-You-Are to Where-You-Want-To-Be? Have you invested sufficiently into the relationships you have with the people you care for? Did the people you engaged with form part of your future…

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Influencing People on Their Mobile Devices

This is a summary of an article I compiled, together with an infographic, on the growth in ability to influence people at a point of purchase decision, while on their mobile device. In an effort to convert audiences to customers, brands are beginning to hold mobile-native approaches as a standard requirement in their marketing efforts….

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Stock Picks – 2017

During the festive season, I review my year and how I chose to allocate my time, effort and capital, and then decide what to change in the coming year. For the first time in a long time, a forward looking view of what I think might happen in the markets over the coming year, is…

Work hard, dream big

I was recently interviewed for an article in an airline inflight magazine. Here’s the copy of the article which focusses on the trip that I went on to Silicon Valley. Murray is an entrepreneurial and commercial thinker with a track record of growing innovative technology businesses. Murray holds a Ph.D in biomedical engineering and has…

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You don’t know what you don’t know

Every day I’m reminded of the stark reality of how much I don’t know. I make it my mission in life to try and understand how things work, why they do what they do, but keep coming up short. It’s fortunate that I enjoy learning, so my lack of knowledge is satiated when I learn….

Stock picks for 2016

For the last few years I’ve been sharing my take on the stock market and my investment thesis in the listed space. Last year, I made some predictions that were sound, and others that were off the mark. The slide in the Rand made me look like a superstar, though, with my portfolio up 46% in…

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