The speed of development

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May 21, 2009
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I am currently finishing up my Masters in Engineering, which deals with the design and development of a heart valve.  My objective of the study is to make a cost-conscious solution for the developing parts of the world, namely China, India, and Africa.  Currently, those available on the market are made by big American corporates, and cater for those in the privileged position of being close to medical services, and afford ongoing medical support.

I took a trip down to Bloemfontein this week to meet up with some significant role players in the industry, who have dual positions in the Universitas Hospital and the University of the Free State.  What I found was that research was being done at an alarming rate. By just focusing on writing up my thesis and not listening to new findings of late, a lot of the “gaps” had already had progress made towards their solution!

I am made quite nervous and quite excited by the incredible rate at which the human race is learning, training, and discovering.  How will we manage with all this new information being discovered by more and more people?  I am also most keen to see new technologies in action, hopefully such as my own, working to prolong, save, educate and empower lives.

Here is a video demonstrating just how fast things are happening.

My advice? Get off your backside and start making a difference.  Before you’re made redundant. Before some 25 PhD chap from the sub-continent outsmarts you. 

Do you agree?

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