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November 4, 2009
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Think Joost, and think back over those memorable rugby moments that come to mind.  A number of Rugby World Cups. 2nd most capped rugby player in SA. Try saving tackles on Jona Lomu. Playing alongside fellow greats – Andre Joubert, Francois Pienaar, Mark Andrews, Chester Williams. Skipping first lectures at Tuks to watch the Blue Bulls play away in the Super rugby games.  Inspiring stuff. Even the videos on Youtube play testament to this great. Watch this vid – 4 and a half minutes of incredibly impressive footage.

And then – the wheels came off. He has since confessed that it was in fact him in the scandalous video with Marlize van Emmenis. The marriage, as any would, is shaky, he’s been through a heart attack, and lost his position at Supersport.

Bringing me to my question about “real people?” Are “real people” allowed to do this kinda thing? Well – they do, I’m not sure if they’re allowed to. In my reading about the saga, I learnt that Amor is a “real person” too. Apparently, and referenced by The Times on her first date with Joost, she dropped her panties and made a poo next to the car on their way home.

I just don’t know. Do we like it because heroes show the traits of commoners? Or do we feel like heroes because we don’t “have a sexual liaison, not intercourse, with a women” and commoners do? I guess Joost’s quick thinking is still intact though.  Who wouldnt make a book and make R189.99 each time someone wanted to read the juicy details about the sordid ordeal? Hell, and slap on the fact that in the whole Michael Jackson furore, it’s called “Man in the Mirror”. Certainly learnt about “Airtime” from his now former employer.

So do I still like Joost? Would I still go and buy a Chicken Surprise from the Vetkoek Maleis at his Engen Garage in Hatfield, and oogle at the framed jerseys and photos in the Quickshop? Then get my car washed for free on a Friday – well, maybe if he did it. I just cant decide. Does a morning of losing it make you lose your credibility forever? I dont condone his behaviour, sure. But is he still a hero? Is Bill Clinton a hero? (Check him out doing a similar thing)

Would love to hear the thoughts!

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