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October 31, 2010
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Tomorrow marks the start of November – oh my greatness it can’t be here already! I’m sure you’ll all notice the Christmas decorations now adorning the shops and that shoddy Boney M that plays in the background. One escape from this is for you to use the month to raise awareness of local charities and promote cancer awareness.

Movember is when you’re finally allowed to go unshaven, build up a bit of facial hair and then start sporting a moustache. By taking bets against your friends that your Mo will be better than that of your Bro, you can raise money for awareness of cancer, specifically testicular cancer. Read more here, and watch out for the Mos making an appearance in your hood. Vida’s got them on all their coffees and Kulula’s even got Mo’s for a few of their fleet.

I Give a Duck is an initiative that hopes to raise awareness about local charities, specifically Bobs for Good and Learn to Earn. Best you duck down to Giles in Craighall Park and pick up a little shower mate and take them with you on your daily activities. Tell your buddies about the awesomeness of the feathered friends and challenge them to get involved through donation or by buying their own pet.

Almost a Curried Cup of Duck - Day 1

Meet Billionaire Bill – my very own pet duck. Over the next month I’ll be blogging about some of the adventures he embarks on and some of the good (and bad) conDUCKt he’s responsible for. Yesterday he caught up with a few frosties and watched the Currie Cup Finals.  Be a pal and go and purchase your duck, make a donation through the website or come and leave a few spare buffalo drinking vouchers on my desk in good faith for Bill.

Chief Sitting Duck is Bill’s buddy. You can stay tuned to some of his WILD nights out by watching the happenings on Mike Sharman’s blog.

Love your work!

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