Jacarandas in Joziwood

October 23, 2010
1 min read

Anyone from Johannesburg knows that at the end of October, if a Jacaranda blossom doesn’t fall on your head, you’re out of luck for your exams. That said, I’m far happier running around in the streets headbumping falling petals than studying.  Who’d want to be inside when the Jozi summer is on its way? Here’s a snap of the Jacarandas outside my house.

I guess it’s also time to look back on the year that flew past. To think through all the events, all the challenges and all the growing that took place. To learn from these and begin a new season. Of growing, of learning, of loving. Of living.

Enjoy it. Because before you know it, the Jacarandas will be in bloom again next year..

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