Bill’s first week

November 9, 2010
1 min read

Bill Billionaire has had a fairly busy week the last week or so. He’s been out and about loving Joziwood and spreading the vibe about the I Give a Duck campaign. For those of you that dont know, #igad is an initiative to help raise awareness of local charities during the month of Movember. If you’re not sporting a Mo, you should have yourself a little duck and sponsor a charitable cause.

Catching an indoor footie game

Discussing the downhills after a MTB ride

What a seDUCKtive car!

Manning the braai

Just chillin'

Hanging with friends Salt and Peps

Rocking the Mo's Bro's!

So start giving a duck. Or sporting a mo. Send us pics and I’ll share-share with the readers!

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