Living a dog’s life

April 15, 2011
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I’ve been thinking a little about the luxury that we have in being able to plan for the future. The ability to fill out our little Google calendars with plans for dinner, seeing friends, participating in sports events and going on holidays. Some people cross days off the calendar on their desk in anticipation of the weekend or some future occasion of joy and happiness. I know you’ve seen them!

I then wondered if this was in fact a luxury. Yesterday my sister’s dog got admitted to doggy-hospital to have some teeth removed after some evident pain he seemed to have in his mouth. He’s since returned to tearing around the house, smiles at us all and has a bottle of his own dog-listerine to use before bed time. The funny thing, though, is that he didnt plan this visit to the vet. He jumped into the car thinking he was going on an adventure, for all he knew.

Two things are thus concerns for me. Firstly, that we all live in anticipation of some date or event of supposed splendour (women thinking their wedding day will be the happiest day of their life is a terrifying thought that comes to mind), to the detriment of enjoying the moment we’re currently in. The second, is that today is as good as any to enjoy, for all the opprtunities it presents, even if it’s a Monday! I know I’m often guilty of planning my heart out and running from one thing to the next, whilst forgetting to just soak up the moment. I guess we could be more like dogs and do as they do, because they’ve got no future plans to worry about.

I would be keen to hear your thoughts on this. But whilst contemplating, here’s to not wishing our lives away, and living the dream today.


Another RMB'er

I was smacked in the face just this past weekend with not being mindful of living in the present and being too caught up in my own… self… looking back now, I realise how (almost) destructive my thoughts were and how self-consumed I was!

It’s when we move from a place of “selfishness” (or “me me me”) to a place of “mindfulness” that we appreciate that “today is as good as any to enjoy, for ALL the opportunities it presents”. And what a transition it is! It’s like that deep inhaling breath we take before that next yoga posture, or looking down the road while cycling the Argus and realising how far we’ve come and how far yet there is to go.

Mindfulness means living NOW, being present NOW and ENJOYING NOW! 😉

I am pleasantly surprised to have found and read your blog and look forward to “hearing” more from you!

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